How to care for jewelry?
Store the jewelry in a jewelry box, bag or in a designated place.

Jewelery can be tarnished by metal spacers (old silver, metal, brass, etc.) due to the natural process of nature or by soot / intentional behavior (chemicals, mishandling, etc.). In this case, a polishing cloth will help.

It is not recommended to wear jewelry when doing a workout or something extreme that could damage the jewelry and could be dangerous to the wearer (getting stuck somewhere, etc.). It is not recommended to wear when going to the sauna, swimming in chlorinated water or using chemicals such as hairspray, perfume, etc. It is not recommended to be close to excessive heat (eg damages tamil, melts wax cord).

Some jewelry is water resistant. Each product also has a description.

How to clean jewelry?
Micromacrame jewelry can be cleaned with soap and water. Some jewelry made of bone, metal, etc. will shine with a polishing cloth.


Simply put, there is absolutely everything vibration that even contains emotions and physical objects. Negative energy, including negative emotions and physical pain, is low vibration. The crystals have optimal vibration, resonate at high vibration. Therefore, in addition to physical well-being, they should also be taken care of energetically.

Note that creative works from nature love a natural approach.

The crystals you work with, wear and are often with you need to be cleaned more regularly than usual. However, it’s nice if all your brilliant friends get a nice energetic tuning at any time.

Use your intuition to feel when she needs special attention and cleanliness.

Get help with Nature-correspondent items:
FIRE – candle, plant smoke

WATER – spring water, beach, flower water, water

LAND – soil, salt, herbs, burial

AIR – plant smoke, vocals, sounds

Solar Energy and Moon Energy
In addition, your own military statements, cognition and channeling.
Be playful and trust your feeling.

Is it possible to see the goods on the spot?
The goods are handmade in home conditions and can be seen by agreement in Võru County. I also cover locations (events, festivals, fairs, shops, etc.) where you can get acquainted with Infada Code products and me.

If a product is sold out, will it be re-sold?

Infada Code products are unique and unique. Some recurring items will be resold if desired. For special orders and wishes, contact info@infadacode.ee

How soon will the order reach me?

I will complete the finished product within 1-5 working days. The expected delivery time within Estonia is 1-2 working days. It can take 1-7 working days in total, when the goods are already in the Customer’s possession.

If the purchased product is not suitable for any reason, is it possible to return / remodel?
Only products that are incorrect or defective can be returned.

If the purchased product needs adjustment (size is too small / large, replacement of intermediate parts, etc.) Infadacode.ee has the right to agree with the Customer on the associated postage costs and additional fees that may be added when adjusting the product.

The products have accurate information and description at.

Is it possible to exchange the ordered product?
Yes. The product to be replaced must be complete (include the product packaging and all items included in the product packaging).

The goods must be unused, undamaged and in the original packaging. Damaged or unlabeled goods are not subject to exchange.

Settlement of the exchange takes place by agreement with the Client by mail at info@infadacode.ee

If you did not find the answer to your question in this section, please write to us at info@infadacode.ee