The Infada Code brand was born in 2017 and since 2019 the company has been a registered trademark. Infada Code is dedicated to quality and originality, and most of the creations are handmade in lovely Estonia. The Infada Code is comprehensive and inspired by the connection between earth and sky, the dance of darkness and light, the symbiosis of man and woman.

What is the vision of Infada Code?

Freedom of expression, freedom of creation, freedom of identity. Our idea is to cross the gate between body and expression and be as sustainable as possible by offering something that speaks to the soul and heart. The purpose of the Infada Code is to step out of fashion and direct people to meet the signature of their true soul. The courage to carry out who you really are, feeling a firm of the beautiful soul inside yourself … allowing it to shine!

What is the mission of the Infada Code?

The Infada Code does not follow trends, but touches and creates its own unique sense of style, directing people to make wise choices to ask themselves, how much do we really need this thing? Does creation make your heart beat faster and not end up in the landfill in a year? Do we wear it often and could it match other items in our wardrobe, or is it an ideal initiative to discover a new way of self-expression?

We think about how and under what conditions the handicraft was produced. We love to support local makers and small brands with a history.

Choice matters, not things.

In general, all designs are inspired by nature and patterns, and we love to combine them with modern nuances. We like to combine nature’s freedom of creativity with modern, progressive and practical attitudes. The materials are mainly organic and natural materials. You wear not an accessory or a cloth, but the message of creation and a multiple relationship with nature.

If you recognize the signature of your soul here in the source or love artistic and special expression, then you are in the Right Place! ☺

The brand has been created with tactful steps, patience and great passion. In fact, we create beauty and permit to wear it for our well self. Valuing crafts and supporting the local is always a good choice!