Ammonite ⋮ Abalone Shell (earweights)



Dare to go into your own depths and integrity. Meet your true nature there. Activate inner power and spiritual will and to fulfill your heart’s desire.



⤜Detailis⤛ ⋮ Brass

⤜Dimensions⤛ ⤛ ca 8 cm x 7 cm

Note: They must have an earhole of at least 3mm to wear

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Ammonite is encoded in the soul, and he is doing a great support to rebirth and transformation. He symbolizes the full circle – the very first time in its true place, and the nature of consciousness. Psychologically, ammonite stimulates survival instincts and the knowledge that everything is possible with consistency and courage over time. Worn on the body gives its wearer charisma and sensual beauty. Physically, ammonite promotes anything that needs structure and clarity.

Abalone pearl shell is in a water element, which has a uniformly soothing effect and healing power. It reminds us of confidence and fluency so that we can have a colorful and soft approach to our lives. Abalone carries the vibrations of love, beauty, tenderness, care, compassion and peace.


* All pictures are taken in natural daylight. I try to take a picture that is closest to the color / shape like in real life. Precious stones are nature and nature is alive… This means that the stones have different colors in different types of light. You may need to move the stone at a certain angle to see the colors more intensely, making them even more perfect!


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