String Art is the art of fine pattern and geometry. These images form a powerful work of art – a pattern with a mandala or power that carries powerful energy.

String-Art is created from design to paper. Then, one by one – pound by pound, the thread-thread connection is a multi-level art, which is also decorated with a handmade frame with a built-in UV light strip.

Using the String-Art technique, the work is multidimensional, which gives the image even more depth. And thanks to the UV-glowing threads, the work comes to life even more.

If you like to take care of and decorate your home/temple, you like visual and unique works of art, then this is the art you might like.

These works are ideal for homes, events, cafes, and companies if you want to add outstanding uniqueness to the environment.

And it is also a great and fierce gift, even for the head of the gang kamb

String-Art works are ALWAYS unique and special, just like every person, his environment, and enterprise.

If you are interested in a special order (in all sizes and variations, with / without UV light) or existing works ...

... then feel free to contact // 56286909, Artjom.