Why choose crafts?

It is known that mass production is a cheap and fast solution, saving producers at the expense of labor and other unnecessary costs.

However, mass production is inflexible to consumer demands and, in addition, there is a significant reduction in jobs, where living energy is lost, in the course of which quality control decreases and inefficiency increases. As a result of overproduction, nature usually (unfortunately) also suffers.

As mass production tends to follow trends and cheap prices, the mentality of lack of awareness has also increased: “The cheaper, the better / the more I can take; the more, the prouder ”etc. Attracted with red and cheap price tags, without feeling if it is really needed.

Consumption-conscious consumption increases health problems and, for example, debt levels, which in turn causes mental health problems such as stress and depression. If people want to follow the latest trends but have limited resources, it can be very debilitating for the mind and body.

How to be useful in your personal life and the environment?

Don’t fall into the trap of advertising and trends!
Use and invest money t e a d l i k ult.
Ask yourself what you really need and want to experience?
Here are some examples of why Crafts are preferred and how it affects your personal life and environment

Handmade products are environmentally friendly.
Crafts take less energy and resources than mass production and make them more environmentally friendly. In handicrafts, it is possible to use materials that are environmentally friendly and also do not have to be at the expense of anyone’s life.

It makes you think seriously
Craftsmanship is based on quality rather than quantity. Let things be less than more and more of high quality than of poor quality. Being willing to pay a little more for it makes you think about how much you actually need.

Handmade products are useful for the labor market
Yes, it is true that the more people prefer crafts, the greater the chance of creating more jobs. For example, One study found that channeling only 10 percent of a region’s consumer spending to local businesses would create hundreds of new jobs and good value for money.


Handmade products are worth more
People feel more comfortable wearing handicrafts, and hand-made food tastes better. The craft incorporates a lot of energy that the maker creates with love.

Handmade products give you a good feeling about your purchases.
You have supported the craftsman’s business and life
You have received something special and valuable
At the same time, you do good to nature
Green money circulation
You take better care of your belongings
Handmade products better meet your needs
Unlike mass-produced machines, the craftsman is open to adapting certain aspects of the product to your needs and wishes.

Handmade products are unique
One of the most common, though least measurable, reasons why people decide to buy handmade goods is that they just like something that doesn’t come from a big company. The nature of handmade goods means that there are fewer of them, so everything you wear or want is as unique as you are.

Crafts change attitudes and lives
You treat your items with much more care than usual. You eat better food that is handmade and your health thanks Blue. Wearing something unique that creates a good feeling / emotion also makes others around you happy. You create value through consumption and support the right people who are grateful. Your choice is rather aware of both the community and nature. You value yourself.

Thank you for choosing a craft created with dedication and love!

Thank you for choosing to support artisan ventures!

Thank you for choosing to be a friend with nature!

Thank you for choosing yourself!

Thank you!

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